Sterile Processing Technician

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3 Months


Program Overview

Sterile processing technicians are medical equipment preparers who are responsible for preventing the spread of disease by sterilizing and preparing medical equipment. These technicians may work in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals and surgery centers and go by many other job titles, such as central services technician, certified registered central service technician (CRCST), central sterile supply technician (CSST), or sterile preparation technician.

Duties performed by a Sterile Processing or Central Services Technician may include:

  • Cleaning and sterilizing equipment
  • Packaging and/or preparing equipment for use
  • Operating medical equipment as needed
  • Inspecting medical equipment for functionality and sterilization
  • Maintaining inventory of medical equipment
  • Ensuring medical procedure rooms are sterile
  • Organizing medical equipment
  • Transporting prepared equipment
  • Recording test results for sterilization
  • Using and maintaining autoclaves for sterilization

Upon successful completion, graduates will receive a certificate of completion and will prepare to take the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA) examination to become a Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST).

Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) Experiential Requirements

CRCST certification requires that an applicant pass the certification exam and complete 400 hours of hands-on experience in a Central Services (CS) department. These hours can be completed before testing or within 6 months of passing the exam. HSPA recommends completing, or at least beginning, experiential hours before testing. Hands-on experience provides an invaluable resource with which to better understand the standards, knowledge, and practices needed to be successful in a CS department and on the CRCST Exam.

This program provides 128 hours towards the 400-hour requirement. Graduates are required to complete the remaining 272 hours on their own. Upon completion of the program, students will sit for the CRCST examination and, if successfully completed, will become provisionally certified. Once the graduate completes the reminder of the required 400 hours, they may submit verification of hours to HSPA to receive full certification.

This program is not eligible for any Federal Financial Aid or VA programs.

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