Campus Facilities

The campus occupies over 17,200 square feet of space. Instructional areas are equipped with the type of equipment found in medical and dental offices, clinics, laboratories, and hospitals.

  • A dental laboratory equipped with workstations used for preparation of models and other dental lab work;
  • A dental x-ray laboratory equipped for the processing of dental x-rays;
  • Medical labs equipped with computers, examining rooms, labs and microscope benches;
  • A medical x-ray laboratory equipped with active x-ray equipment;
  • An x-ray dark room equipped for the processing of medical x-rays;
  • A nursing skills lab equipped with patient care equipment;
  • A respiratory therapy laboratory equipped with ventilators and other related equipment;
  • A surgical technologist laboratory equipped with simulated operating room and scrub area;
  • Computer labs equipped with Microsoft® Windows, Microsoft® Office, office management software, and equipment for self-paced keyboarding and typing;
  • A Learning Resource Center (LRC), providing a quiet area where students may refer to various publications, journals, and other technical manuals and use computers to access the Internet for research.

    Students will be held responsible and accountable for books and other items belonging to Concorde Career Colleges, Inc., and the LRC. Once a book, or other item, is borrowed from the LRC by a student, it becomes the responsibility of the receiver (student) to maintain the integrity/condition of the book and return the item within three business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays). Students who have checked out a book from the LRC will have three business days to use the item in its educational capacity. If the book is needed for longer than the three-day checkout, it may be rechecked at the discretion of the LRC Coordinator. If the book is then not returned within the three-day period, a charge of $.50 per day will be assessed. If the student loses the book, the student will be responsible for paying the original list price for the lost book. If the student damages the book, the student can be charged a minimum of $10, up to full, original list price, depending on the damage and ability to reuse the book. Students are placed on Records Hold until all LRC materials are either returned or the replacement cost of any damaged or lost materials is paid.
  • A nonsmoking student lounge, which includes vending machines and microwaves, is available for student use.